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To Stanley Market from Kowloon

The Kowloon peninsular is one of the original historic parts of Hong Kong, and as it juts out into Victoria Harbour it almost touches Hong Kong Island it seems.  Packed full of residential, shopping and tourist districts it is a major part of a visit to Hong Kong for many people.

Dissected by Nathan Road which runs down the middle it includes several districts, from Tsimshatsui in the south to Yau Ma Tei in the north.  Each has its own flavour but all offer glimpses of modern Chinese living that is uniquely Hong Kong. As a tourist it is the southern section that has the most interesting features, from the many hotels of TST East, the views from the promenade or the museums such as the Hong Kong History museum.

There is no shortage of shopping opportunities either whether it be from the electrical shops of Mongkok, the stalls of Ladies Market or the high end brands along the Golden Mile of Nathan Roads southern extremity.

Kowloon Park is also one of the green lungs of the city, with open spaces full of trees and flowers. It is busy with things to do as well such as the Aviary and the Hong Kong Heritage and Discovery Centre. Right next door is the Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre, and therefore in the surrounding street not surprisingly a wide range of ethnic foods including some of the best curries in Hong Kong.

Historic buildings include the world famed Peninsula Hotel, the clock tower of the old Kowloon Canton Railway Station (pictured) and of course the historic Police Station which has been converted into a luxury boutique hotel and shopping centre called Heritage 1866.

To reach Stanley Market from anywhere on Kowloon it is first necessary to cross Victoria Harbour. There are many ways to do this, from the traditional but also practical Star Ferry, through to the modern Mass Transit Railway (MTR) underground train tunnel. And with some road tunnel and bus choices as well.

After crossing the harbour there are several routes to the market, depending on at which point you crossed it and also your preferences for duration, budget and views.  Here are some great options for going to Stanley Market from anywhere on Kowloon side.

Option 1 - Star Ferry and Bus

If you are crossing the harbour anyway it seems a pity to miss the chance to use the Star Ferry, this venerable feature of Victoria Harbour just keeps going strong and offers a unique "cruise" of the busy waterway for just a few dollars.

  1. Travel southward, preferably along Nathan Road
  2. Turn right into Salisbury Road at the end of Nathan Road
  3. Follow signs to Star Ferry, going past the Salisbury YMCA, via an underpass to Heritage 1866, and past Harbour Building
  4. Walk to Star Ferry Pier
  5. Ride on the Upper Deck of the ferry for HK$2.50 per person
  6. The ferry takes you to Pier 8 in Central, take the elevated walkway into the city. Follow signs to the MTR
  7. Leave the walkway at the third right turning, onto the main east-west walkway.
  8. Take the first turning right again where you see the door for the Stock Exchange, but instead take the escalator down to the bus stop at street level
  9. Look for the bus stops for bus 260, 6, 6A or 6X. Any will do though 260 is a little faster
  10. Select bus 6 for interesting views as you go over the hill, or 260, 6A and 6X if you want the faster tunnel route
  11. Board the bus and travel about 22 stops, on bus260, or 34 stops for the others.  Alight at the stop called Stanley Village Road. Avoid the earlier stop "Stanley Plaza"
  12. When you alight from the bus cross the road and walk down the short slope and the market is directly in front of you.

More about bus routes here

Option 2 - MTR and Taxi

For most routes in Hong Kong the ever present Red Taxi is a good choice, but a peculiarity of HK taxis is that they their drivers are either knowledgeable about Kowloon, or about Hong Kong Island, but not both.  Drivers are hence reluctant to cross Victoria Harbour and if they are forced to will hurry to find a fare taking them back to "home" territory.  In fact there are dedicated taxi ranks and exchange points for this purpose.  Therefore while a taxi is a great option to get to Stanley market once you are on HK Island, crossing the harbour by the MTR first.

  1. Take the MTR Kwun Tong line (red line) southwards
  2. Alight at Admiralty station, the blue station
  3. Exit to street level via Exit C1
  4. Turn right and look for the bus stop on the main road
  5. Wait for bus 260, 6, 6X or 6A

Follow instructions for buses as above

Option 3 - Bus all the way

It is possible to go all the way on the Citybus route 973, but it is a particularly long winded route and will take an hour and a half so is not recommended.


While often visited for the view the visitor should not forget that The Market encompasses a wide range of shopping and dining options, from the casual to the sophisticated.  Within the Stanley area are examples of many of Hong Kong's most authentic and distinctive styles, as well as international choices to fit all palates and budgets.


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